With FastDx UTi, EmpowerMe Wellness can help your community provide cutting-edge PCR testing for urinary tract infections, with superior accuracy and results in 24 hours or less after samples are received in our lab.

Our panel uses both standard and genetic testing to identify an industry-leading number of pathogens and genetic markers that are missed by more traditional testing methods. Learn more: Pathogens Detected | About This Test. 

FastDx UTi is 100% covered by Medicare Part B when medically necessary.

How to Use the FastDx UTi Test Kit

The FastDx UTi test kit includes everything your team needs to bring state-of-the-art diagnostic testing to your community. Watch this video to learn all about the process, then scroll down for detailed instructions.

To request more FastDx UTi test kits, click the chat button at bottom right.

Determine which type of insurance the resident has.
If they have traditional Medicare insurance, proceed to Step 2. If not, work with their provider to obtain Prior Authorization from their insurance company.
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To arrange for Prior Authorization, call the provider’s office
and inform their team of the following:
  • The resident is in urgent need of a UTI test.
  • Your community works with EmpowerMe Wellness,
    which provides a UTI test that offers results in 24 hours
    or less after specimens are received in the lab.
  • Because the resident doesn’t have traditional Medicare
    insurance, prior authorization is required.
  • The CPT codes for the test are 87798, 87640, 87481.
  • For more information on EmpowerMe’s FastDx UTi test,
    go to empowerme.com/uti.

Obtain a provider’s order and complete requisition.
Fill out the requisition form linked below completely. The provider can fill out and sign the “Provider Order” section OR they can submit a separate order document.

Download Requisition

Collect, seal, and refrigerate your sample.
After collection, seal the specimen tubes in the biohazard bag, insert printed requisition form in the bag’s rear pocket, and store in a refrigerator. (For instructions, click the chat button at bottom right.)

Have your sample transported to our lab.
Click the chat button at bottom right and choose Arrange for Transport.

Get results in 24 hours or less.
Your resident’s provider will see their test results 24 hours or less after we receive your samples at our lab.