Therapy – Diagnostics – Pharmacy - Nurse Practitioner

Frequently Asked Questions

How will the integrated services strategy affect my position?

Your position will remain the same; however, if you are a therapist and become cross-trained as a phlebotomist, your role will be enhanced. You will receive additional compensation while elevating your skillset. We see this as a tremendous opportunity to build your career and better serve your seniors. Please refer to the Therapist FAQs section below.

When will we begin offering all four services? (Rehab / Diagnostics / Nurse Practitioner)

We have pre-selected a handful of communities to pilot our integrated services. In the coming weeks, the Sales team will be working directly with Operations team to identify communities that are an ideal fit for receiving our integrated services. We have created a communication plan to inform the communities that we will be onboarding these impactful services.

Will customers be able to sign up for all four services?

Initially, not all customers will be eligible for the integrated services. Certain criteria must be met to ensure success within the communities we serve.

What will the new internal structure look like for integrated services?

In the coming days, we will be circulating an updated EmpowerMe organizational chart, and your leadership will go more in-depth with smaller groups.

How much do these services cost for communities?

All four services (Rehab Therapy/Diagnostics/Pharmacy/Nurse Practitioner) are provided at no cost to the communities. We bill directly to Medicare and insurance providers.

Where is the new lab located?

The new state-of-the-art lab is located at our home office located at:
1345 Strassner Drive, St. Louis, MO 63144

Whom should I contact if I have other questions?

Start by asking your immediate supervisor. If they do not know the answer, they will contact a member of the Diagnostics Team, and a thorough answer will be provided.

What should I do if someone from the media calls to ask about our new integrated services?

This is unlikely. However, should it happen, these questions should be answered by a member of our senior management team. Please contact and we will respond to the media on the company’s behalf.

Therapist FAQs

How do I sign-up for the phlebotomy training?

Please reach out to your Area Rehab Director to discuss your interest in phlebotomy training and determine next steps. This is truly exciting!

Will I be required to become a phlebotomist?

No. We will not require anyone to become a phlebotomist. We will encourage participation in areas with limited staffing.

Will everyone be trained?

No. We will train enough Therapists to ensure redundancy in each of our communities.

Will Therapists become certified phlebotomists via the EmpowerMe training?

No. While our training will be of the highest quality, it will not provide any type of certification. Many states do not require certifications and the experience gained will be a valuable work skill. With that said, there is a route to gain certification after a certain threshold of hours have been reached by sitting for board certification via the American Society of Clinical Pathologists (ASCP).

Will this affect Therapist productivity?

No. When performing duties for EmpowerMe Diagnostics, Therapists will not be clocked in under their community. Therapists will clock in using the Diagnostics Project Code via PayCom to document time. This is also a requirement for the clear separation of duties of a therapist vs. a phlebotomist.

How many hours per week will Therapists perform diagnostic services?

This is still being finalized, but we are projecting the total time spent per day is less than an hour. There will be some days where no diagnostic work is required.

What is the financial opportunity while working for diagnostics?

Once Therapists have been signed off as fully competent/trained in specimen collection, the rate of pay will increase by $2 per hour. This pay increase will be attributed to all hours worked regardless of whether the time is spent working for Diagnostics or Wellness.

Will blood be the only specimen collected?

No. While that will be the primary specimen type collected, Therapists will be processing wound culture, urine samples, and occasionally a properly contained stool sample

How will we keep specimens at the right temperature?

Each community will have its own refrigerator with a freezer for storing applicable specimens until FedEx is on-site for pick-up.

Will job descriptions change?

Yes. You will have a dual role as both a therapist and a phlebotomist which will allow you to perform both job duties.

Will I be expected to provide Diagnostic services each day of the week?

No. We will work with the individual communities to determine the most appropriate service level in terms of availability.