We see sound clinical education as both our professional responsibility and our opportunity to give back by helping students become passionate and capable therapists. Our goal is to inspire our student therapists to become experts in working with seniors, helping them to:
Maintain their independence
Stay safely in their homes
Live with dignity and purpose

EmpowerMe has affiliations with numerous colleges and universities to help develop student therapists into superior senior healthcare practitioners. We offer clinical internships for PT, PTA, OT, OTA, and SLP in many EmpowerMe communities across the country. In addition, our clinical and operational mentoring support for newly graduated therapists is second to none. Having a talented and dedicated personal mentor helps new therapists assimilate quickly and accelerates their development. College representatives: contact universityrelations@empowerme.com for information on placing a student with EmpowerMe Wellness.

The Student

Are you passionate about helping seniors? Then a clinical internship with EmpowerMe is for you! Our seniors are at the center of everything we do, and we think the best care starts with the very best training.

Internships at
EmpowerMe Wellness

Immerses students in real-world settings within senior living communities. Students work side by side with our therapists and clinical instructors in an interactive and systematic learning environment.

Provides a robust, individualized experience and fieldwork designed to develop the core competencies you need to work with seniors, as well as ample opportunity to collaborate with our interdisciplinary teams.

Gives you the option of completing your program at a location close to home or in another location in one of the 39 states in our service area.

I’m so thankful for the experience I had at EmpowerMe! It was so refreshing to learn from clinicians who love their jobs, and who genuinely want to increase the quality of life of the individuals they treat. I made lifelong friendships and connections through EmpowerMe — to this day, I am able to text my instructor with any questions that I have.

Monika Bozickovic
Speech-Language Pathology graduate student at Fontbonne University

Meet Our
Amazing team

Our Clinical Instructors represent the pinnacle of clinical and operational excellence. They are energetic, experienced individuals with a passion for achieving better outcomes for seniors and teaching others how to do the same. They look forward to meeting you!

I really enjoy sharing my “clinical pearls” that I have learned throughout my experiences as a PT and being able to share that knowledge with students who wouldn’t necessarily learn that information in the classroom. Teaching patient interaction is a huge part of this that you can’t learn unless you are out practicing.
Sheridan Mottet, DPT
Physical Therapist
I love being a resource and mentor for others throughout their clinicals and journey as new therapists. Teaching students has given me a deeper richness and meaning in my career journey that I could never have imagined.
Shari Youchoff, OT
San Gabriel Highland
I love being a facilitator for my students and watching them grow under my wing to the point where I know they are ready to be completely autonomous by the end of their rotation.
Ian Jones, DPT
Physical Therapist
I believe it is important to provide an environment that promotes a positive learning experience, while offering a level of comfort for students to be able to assimilate into a collaborative team. We all learn from each other and students bring a fresh perspective into therapy interventions.
Joyce Hart, SLP
Speech-Language Pathologist

After Graduation

Post-graduation, those who embark on a career path with us can expect. . .

Dedicated Mentorship Opportunities

Newly graduated therapists receive extensive clinical and operational support from our team members. Having a dedicated mentor will help you as both a clinician and a professional. Whether it’s to bounce a new treatment idea off of someone, figure out how to document more effectively, or discuss your career path, your mentor will be there for you.

Time with your Patients

Our productivity standard is among the lowest in the industry, as we expect our therapists to spend time with the residents outside of traditional billed treatments. This may include teaching an exercise class, educating a group of caregivers, participating in activities with residents, or even researching a new disease.

As a new therapist, it is important to have time to develop your craft. You will find our expectations align with our culture - we have a serious commitment to your professional growth.

Find Your
Future at EmpowerMe Wellness

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