September 28, 2022

5 Fall Foods to Promote Healthy Aging

5 Fall Foods to Promote Healthy Aging

Autumn is here! As the leaves begin to change and the temperature starts to turn cooler, our seasonal food cravings begin to shift. It's a great opportunity for seniors — and healthcare professionals charged with creating diet plans for seniors — to change things up and add some fresh variety to their healthy menus.


Why are apples a healthy choice? Apples are a nutritional powerhouse and make a filling snack. Research has shown apples positively impact just about everything including brain, heart, and bone health!

How to prepare: Keep it simple — pair raw apples with a protein source like peanut butter or yogurt. Want something fitting for a fall day? Check out this recipe for simple and healthy roasted apples.


Why are beets a healthy choice? Beets are an excellent source of vitamin C, fiber, and potassium. Plus they’ve been shown to fight inflammation, reduce blood pressure, and even improve cognitive function in older adults!

How to prepare: Beets play well with others and this recipe is a nutritional trifecta! This tasty soup combines beets with the power of ginger and cabbage.


Why are brussel sprouts a healthy choice? Thanks to their anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidants, brussel sprouts are associated with a decreased risk of heart disease and cancer. Plus, brussel sprouts are loaded with Vitamin K, which plays a role in bone health and may even help protect against bone loss!

How to prepare: Simple roasted brussel sprouts are a fall favorite for many. For those ready for something new, nutritious, and delicious, here’s a brussel sprout dish that incorporates another fall favorite — sweet potatoes!


Why is eggplant a healthy choice? Research has also shown eggplant may prevent DNA damage, which means it is likely an ally in preventing cancer. Even with its vitamins and nutrients, eggplant is a low-calorie food making it a great nutrient-dense option.

How to prepare: In addition to being tasty, sauteed eggplant can be quite versatile. Here’s a simple recipe.


Why is pumpkin a healthy choice? As another nutrient-dense food, pumpkin offers a variety of vitamins and nutrients — Pumpkin is also one of the best sources of lutein and zeaxanthin, two compounds linked to lower risks of age-related macular degeneration and cataracts.

How to prepare: Move over pumpkin pie! Here’s a sweet pumpkin-y treat perfect for fall.

A healthy, nutritious diet is a great way for seniors to keep their body healthy so they can maintain independence and quality of life — which is something EmpowerMe Wellness knows a lot about! To learn more about the wellness programming EmpowerMe brings to senior living communities, contact us today.